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A: By using an ad network, you can have a single point of contact to monetize your ad inventory which is the most important part of running your online business. An Ad Network would provide you ads all the 365 days of the year and give you the access to huge volumes of advertisers. If you choose the right one, it will take care of serving the ads that will give you the best returns.
A: CapsLock is a revolutionary internet advertising and publisher network, which focuses on enabling optimized inventory management to match the evolving needs of online advertisers. It follows an innovative multiple publisher program, which enables it to deliver focused audiences globally. For publishers, CapsLock has the capacity to fill 100% of your ad inventory, which means that the publisher do not have go with other networks, unless you choose to do so.
A: CapsLock offers you various IAB standard size banners (728x90, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600, 468x60) which host hundreds of advertisers from all over the globe. We have incorporated results-driven technologies along with timely management to maximize income from the impressions served. We will create your account and send you the logins through which you can take the tags to run on your site. Once placed you may log in and follow your hourly income online.
A: Yes, most sites with minimal traffic and decent content are accepted to the network.
A: No, CapsLock Publishers place banners on sites in ANY language.
A: Yes, we welcome publisher from all countries.
A: No it is absolutely free to join. So sign-up, place our tags and starting earning a monthly income.
A: No, the agreement is non-exclusive and open ended.
A: Site must have a decent traffic, and must align with the requirement and needs of our advertisers.
A: CapsLock is capable of filling over 90% of the inventory supplied to us by our publishers.
A: Yes. Publishers can run ads along with other network ads.
A: YES. All CapsLock publishers have unlimited access to all of their stats and revenue information.
A: Yes. Just send us an email with the additional URLs and we will add the additional sites to your account upon review.
A: It is better not to do so as the advertisers are looking to target the channel of your site. Each site should approved and be classified according to its channel before creating tags for it.
A: At any given time, CapsLock is running with more than 25,000 creatives.
A: You may place upto a maximum of 3 tags on each page.
A: Publishers participate on a fixed revenue share model where they receive 60% of the revenue generated by their inventory. Factors that affect how much money you will make center around the amount and quality of your traffic.
A: No, incentivized clicks are strictly prohibited. Any publisher who uses these practices will have his/her account terminated and all funds forfeited.
A: Payouts are made by Cheque to all Indian Publishers and Paypal to all outside of India Publishers.
A: The minimum payment threshold is US$15. Publishers earning less than $15 in any particular month will not be sent funds, however any amount less than the minimum payment threshold are carried over until the $15 minimum is reached.
A: Payments are made Net 30 days. So, any payments for January traffic will be paid in March.
A: We send the earnings report every month to raise invoice to all publishers who have reached/crossed the minimum payment threshold of $15 on which basis you have to send us the invoice. Once we receive the invoice, we pay the due amount. For all Indian Publishers, we pay in INR through Cheque only. Therefore, we request all Indian publishers to raise their Invoices in INR only. For all other Publishers, they need to opt for Paypal mode.
A: Yes, GST will be given to all those Publishers who provide us the GSTIN No. in their Invoice.
If you have any other queries, please contact us at
A: An Advertiser can be any website that sells products or services, receives payments and executes orders. Advertisers place banners and links of their products and services on other websites i.e. Publishers. Advertisers pay these Publishers a commission for sales or leads that generate from their websites.
A: We have no joining/setup fees or monthly fees for you to join CapsLock. With as little as Rs. 5,000 (which is your opening account balance meant to pay your Publisher commissions), you can join CapsLock and promote your website.
A: By all means. In fact, we would like you to take initiation in Publisher selection. You can manually review and approve Publishers after viewing their websites, statistics and website offerings. In addition, we provide you with a searching option with a key word which will help you get rapid results.
A: Yes. You can view your account balance at any time. You can increase your account balance by clicking “Add funds to your account”.
A: You can use banners of any size. However, the standard and most common sizes used include 120x600, 300x250, 728x90, 468x60, 160x600.