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CAPSLOCK NETWORK offers the most advanced and targeted solutions for all their online advertising needs.

We help generate leads, develop brand awareness and consequently drive sales. We are involved in every stage of planning and executing the optimal marketing strategy for your business, be it on a national or global level.

Our deep understanding of technology as well as how the media works helps us in assisting you with the day to day running of our business and the optimisation of your campaigns. We are with you in every step of the campaign, including strategising, targeting and optimising.

How it works

Breaking away from the limitations of Internet advertising, CAPSLOCK NETWORK has pooled the inventory from multiple websites, getting them on a common platform and offers advertisers a single window solution with complete control of their online campaigns.

The CAPSLOCK NETWORK includes hundreds of websites which collectively deliver over millions of impressions per month, making it one of the India's leading online ad network. CAPSLOCK NETWORK offers customized online advertising solutions tailored for specific markets including India, the US & Rest of the World, across our channels.

The advertiser is assured of top websites, best brand exposures, quality visibility, high impact leads and sales and a guarantee of corporate clean ads. Advertisers of all sizes can sign up with us for promoting their online businesses. Our expert account managers carefully plan and implement the optimal digital marketing strategy your business requires. While we are with you in every step of the planning and execution, we also believe in superior reporting technology. With CAPSLOCK NETWORK, you learn how the audience is reacting to your campaigns so that they can be tweaked for further optimisation.

CAPSLOCK NETWORK offers need-based, product-specific, service-specific and region-distinct programs. All these programs and plans are custom-made as per the requirements of the advertisers. A consistent business relationship with regular feedback and cooperation in campaign development are our hallmarks.

Benefits for Advertisers

#Optimized Reach
# Dynamic Pricing
# Performance-Based targeting and implementation
# Strategic Consulting and Services
# 24 hour "out" clause
# Login with hourly data
# Acceptance of 3rd party ad serving

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