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CAPSLOCK NETWORK is a unique, young, multi-model company that's setting new trends in the Internet advertising space. With millions of impressions on the CAPSLOCK NETWORK, and the unique facility to merge mobile, video and display advertising, we are uniquely positioned to zero in on your target audience.

Being the front runners in online ad networks in India, CAPSLOCK NETWORK is equipped to scan and access media sources throughout the world to meet all your sales needs and ROI requirements.

For Advertisers, CAPSLOCK NETWORK offers the most advanced and targeted solutions for all their online advertising needs. We help generate leads, develop brand awareness and consequently drive sales. We are involved in every stage of planning and executing the optimal marketing strategy for your business, be it on a national or global level.

Our deep understanding of technology as well as how the media works helps us in assisting you with the day to day running of our business and the optimisation of your campaigns. We are with you in every step of the campaign, including strategising, targeting and optimising.

For Publishers, CAPSLOCK NETWORK is the powerful tool that enables them to monetise their traffic and make their inventory smarter, thus turning their websites into a hot property on the web.

CAPSLOCK NETWORK follows an innovative multiple publisher program which enables it to deliver focused audiences globally. Our motto is to offer publishers maximum revenue with the minimum hassle.

We are committed to getting publishers the most value for their traffic, the best quality advertisers with the right fit, the most modern technology, regular reports and a smooth payment system. If the publisher does not make money, nor does CAPSLOCK NETWORK!

How it works

For the advertiser - Breaking away from the limitations of Internet advertising, CAPSLOCK NETWORK has pooled the inventory from multiple websites, getting them on a common platform and offers advertisers a single window solution with complete control of their online campaigns.

The CAPSLOCK NETWORK includes hundreds of websites which collectively deliver over millions of impressions per month, making it one of the India's leading online ad network. CAPSLOCK NETWORK offers customized online advertising solutions tailored for specific markets including India, the US & Rest of the World, across our channels.

The advertiser is assured of top websites, best brand exposures, quality visibility, high impact leads and sales and a guarantee of corporate clean ads. Advertisers of all sizes can sign up with us for promoting their online businesses. Our expert account managers carefully plan and implement the optimal digital marketing strategy your business requires. While we are with you in every step of the planning and execution, we also believe in superior reporting technology. With CAPSLOCK NETWORK, you learn how the audience is reacting to your campaigns so that they can be tweaked for further optimisation.

CAPSLOCK NETWORK offers need-based, product-specific, service-specific and region-distinct programs. All these programs and plans are custom-made as per the requirements of the advertisers. A consistent business relationship with regular feedback and cooperation in campaign development are our hallmarks.

Benefits for Advertisers
#Optimized Reach
# Dynamic Pricing
# Performance-Based targeting and implementation
# Strategic Consulting and Services
# 24 hour "out" clause
# Login with hourly data
# Acceptance of 3rd party ad serving

For the publisher - Any website or blog owner who wishes to generate or increase his revenue can do so simply by providing space for publishing ads from our system on their pages. Each genuine impression on the advertisement earns the publisher a certain amount. CAPSLOCK NETWORK allows the publisher the freedom and choice to restrict or screen ads so that rival / competitor ads can be filtered out.

# Earn more – Our team experts are always available to help you earn the maximum revenue from your website. Our sales team ensures you get premium rates for ads placed on your website, from advertisers and ad agencies which are increasingly tapping potential customers through the internet. This allows us to offer you special offers and dynamic opportunities to maximize your ROI. We assure you of 100 per cent fill of traffic inventory.

# The right fit and the best advertiser – Our goal is to ensure the right fit between the publisher and the advertiser so that there is mutual benefit. We strive to ensure long term relationships between advertisers and publishers.

# Reach and service – Our partners are located in all corners of the globe. The sky is the limit to your revenue potential. CAPSLOCK NETWORK ensures that each publisher is given individual attention while we go through a process of strategic planning, audience analysis and the specific needs of your website. We are with you every step of the way.

# Zero hassle payments – You don't need to worry about payments from CAPSLOCK NETWORK. We follow a net 60 day payment system, either by PayPal, Wire or Cheque.

CAPSLOCK NETWORK follows a strict zero tolerance policy against fraud of any kind and are committed to the quality of clicks sent to our advertisers. Robust fraud detection mechanisms have been put into place by CAPSLOCK NETWORK to detect and reverse any fraud attempts or incentivised clicks.

Our mission

At CAPSLOCK NETWORK, we have set the bar very high. We insist on high standards of ad and content quality.

It is our ongoing endeavour to engage with leading ad delivery and optimization technologies to make sure that we deliver ads relevant to publishers.

This also ensures that we consistently offer better returns to our advertiser network.